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As business owner you know that the 9 to 5 is just a part time. We invest our time, effort, money and talent in every project we undertake to make our business succeed. Protect your investment, from lawsuits, property damages and the income lost due to them. We have bundle policies specially designed for business owners that will all cover all your needs for insurance. Our professional agents will help you the best insurance that suits you!

Businesses need special consideration of several risks to insure. A business always needs a combination or bundle of different policies to cover all its insurance needs. below is an example of the most important policies to be considered:

Business Owner’s Policy.

  • Property Insurance: Protects damages to physical property such as buildings, equipment and inventory, either own or rented.
  • General (Civil) Liability Insurance (CGL): This policy protects you in the event of civil lawsuit from clients or competitors.
Business Insurance
Business Insurance
  • Commercial Auto Insurance: This is insurance that guarantees the protection of vehicles owned or rented for business operations. Remember, personal vehicles used for business purposes some times are not covered by the personal auto policies.
  • Workers Compensation: This policy if obligatory for every business who has employees, including the business owner. It covers for medical expenses of employees arising from accidents related to work or business activities.
  • Errors and omissions: This insurance covers the errors or omissions of professional business occupations. It protects the professional business owner from financial damages granted in lawsuits filed by clients.

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